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Renewables are now an important and fast-growing part of the Pacific basin energy mix and have reached an efficiency and scale where they can now be used commercially. Over time, energy demand will shift from fossil fuels for power generation to one where solar, wind and biofuels are more prevalent.


Pacific Energy Brokers assists customers seeking a range of renewables opportunities, in particular biomass and biofuels as well as wind, solar, and renewable natural gas.


Biofuels (including B5 and B20 biodiesel, ethanol, green diesel and biogas) is any fuel derived from biomass and used as an alternative to fossil fuels in energy production. It is sourced from proven renewable supplies such as certified forestry-waste and industry-waste woodchips in addition to animal waste.


Pacific Energy Brokers offers wholesale facilitation services across a range of certified biomass and complaint biofuel product from across Australia, Singapore, The Philippines, Indonesia and Russia.

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