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Clean Coal

Pacific Energy Brokers is a wholesale market facilitator and independent energy broker that specialises in sourcing, marketing and origination of physical thermal coal across the Pacific basin. ​ We offer convenience brokerage services for benchmark coal products that are trademarks of globalCOAL Inc.* As part of our discrete wholesale brokering service in 'off-spec’ physical thermal coal, we pursue win-win solutions for all of our industry customers.  It is a service where non-disclosure of details on concluded deals is the default practice unless both trade parties agree otherwise.


Pacific Energy Brokers ensure greater product certainty in ‘off-spec’ Hunter Valley Thermal (HVT) coal with the advent of COALSPEC; creating a traded market where product transparency (standardised generic quality, parcel size and availability) is much more important to market fundamentals than price transparency. We offer bespoke brokerage services across a range of clean coal products varying in shipment size from small blend parcels of HVT for export from Newcastle, right up to capesize shipments from Australia (NSW & QLD), Indonesia, United States and Russian Far East.

What do our coal customers want from us?

1. Coal Producer

1.    price achieved reflects brand value of their coal and protects value of the brand

2.    reputable counterparty with no headache contract performance

3.   discrete sourcing of blend components from other producers to augment their own shipments and/or manage quality and price

2. Coal Trader​

1.    discrete sourcing or marketing of blend components or an entire cargo

2.    sourcing a specific grade at the best price with anonymity to mitigate adverse price movements

3.    certainty in quality and price

3. End user   (Industrial or Chemical plant / Coal-fired power station)  

1.    continued access to reputable and reliable suppliers

2.    certainty and predictability of product supply and price

3.    lower price volatility associated with short term 'squeezes'


* globalCOAL", "SCoTA", "RSS", "DES ARA", "HCCA", "INDO", "NEWC" and "RB" are trademarks of Global Commodities Holdings Limited (“globalCOAL”). The SCoTA terms are the copyright of globalCOAL and have been licensed for use by Pacific Energy Brokers. globalCOAL makes no warranty and accepts no liability in connection with the use of them.

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