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The specialist 

independent energy broker

Pacific Energy Brokers is a wholesale market facilitator and independent energy broker that specialises in the sourcing, marketing and origination of physical energy products across the Pacific basin. These products include clean coal and related technologies, renewables (biomass and biofuels) and gas (LNG and LPG). 

We understand price discovery and product transparency are inextricably linked and often adverse price movements occur when the general market is aware of a participant’s spot long/short position. Pacific Energy Brokers provides a discrete customised brokerage service that pursues win-win solutions for all of our customers and values anonymity. We seek to enhance connectivity between producers, traders and end users, negotiating an optimal outcome and aim to achieve the best possible price for our customers; with integrity, passion and professionalism.

Pacific Energy Brokers is a neutral market intermediary and acts as arranger of physical energy transactions only.

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